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We were inspired by many of the winery and rustic style weddings that happen in late fall and really wanted to showcase another way to use this style while in a more urban location.  And also by using other colors aside from the traditional orange and red fall look, such as jewel tones and agate hues. We have lots of clients who are drawn to the natural feel of a winery and maybe other natural elements like a barn or old home but also want their wedding to have an upscale and unique look. Elegance is still important at these weddings, so the Lorien Hotel & Spa is the perfect combination of stylish, modern elements with rustic accents, fireplace feature and charming private outdoor patios.   We also chose the perfect model. Shannon Lynch, Miss DC 2014 was kind enough to donate her time and she is stunning! Thank you to Stephanie Messick for the stunning photos! 



stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-64 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-48



stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-40 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-35






stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-76 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-42 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-40


stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-39 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-94 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-98 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-97




stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-1 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-30


stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-7 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-144


stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-113 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-108 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-103


stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-99 stephanie_messick_photography_lorien_spa-89

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